Why Crossfit is for women

If you do not know Crossfit, I will tell you that it is a high intensity exercise.

Crossfit grows every day and every time they are more women who dare to practice it and discover the results of their practice. It is an exercise that anyone who wants to learn can do, and although there is a belief that it is a harmful sport, I assure you that it is much less harmful than many other sports. I also throw a question, Is being on the couch at home watching TV is harmful? There is no more common and harmful sport.

That is why today I want to mention some advantages that you feel when you have been practicing this sport for a while.

1.- You will learn to work strength:

Woman does push-ups in crosfit class

If you go to a gym it is very likely that you will not dare lift the dumbbells that weigh more. In addition, women usually do without strength training, why? Most think that your body will look very masculine and what you really do not know is that the more muscle you have the more fat you will tend to lose your body. Strength training is precisely indicated for losing body fat.

At Crossfit you will learn how to move the weight correctly, how to hold the bar, how to lift it properly, how to properly position your back and many other parts of the body. to avoid injuries, and everything always adapted to your physical capacities.

2.- Boredom is over:

El Crossfit is characterized for being constantly varied. That means that throughout a WOD (training of the day) you may jump rope, run, rowing, throwing a ball or any gymnastic movement such as push-ups or even jumping to the drawer.

In addition to being a directed class, you will always have the "coach" motivating you so that it does not occur to you to leave.

In other words, one can go to the gym and almost not train, while it is practically impossible to go to the Box (center where Crossfit is practiced) and do nothing.You only hear about the weights that rise on the bars when you manage to exceed some figure. This is called PR (personal record) something that at first you do not need to worry, but later on you will surely try to overcome it every time.

4.- Your body will change:

In this sport all the parts of the body are worked and believe me you will notice it when you have stiffness even in the eyelashes. The gluteus and thighs work a lot, which is what many girls are interested in. In addition squats with and without weight are practiced, something that will make your butt grow by increasing muscle mass and in turn losing fat.

5.-Everything can be adapted or climb:

Weight does not matter in this sport or at least at the user level.

If you look at a Crossfit class, you will see people from various ages and shape states. Even so, each person is giving their best to have a good training. That's because if you scale the weight correctly, that is, if you adapt the weight to the capacity of each person you ensure that each user will work according to their possibilities and will have a good training.

Most of users are not going to compete, do not compare yourself so quickly with the best ones and focus on progressing little by little.

6.- You will meet people:

group of women doing crossfit

The atmosphere of the boxes is usually very good and emphasizes above all the camaraderie. Prepare to win new friends who will encourage you in your worst situation and remember that you must do the same when they need your encouragement.

New friendships will be forged with the same goal: to improve each day.

7.- Efficient training:

Crossfit works with both weight lifting and cardiovascular training. All in one for one hour of time. Believe me one hour will fly by with the high intensity level. Therefore, it is considered an efficient sport. It does not require much time to practice it.

8.- Opportunity to do things that previously seemed impossible:

Maybe Remember that kind of gymnastics in which you were not able to do many of the things that the teacher asked you to do. Now you have the opportunity to show that you can, because in Crossfit you will have the necessary motivation to believe that you can do everything you propose. The "coaches" or coaches will guide you to take out the warrior that you have inside.

woman jumping doing crosfit

9.- Very similar to a personal training:

Normally it is said that the Crossfit is expensive. However, it is cheaper than a personal trainer and the percentage of success in the goals you set is high. Coaches will know how to help you achieve your goals and will be with you every day to correct you and guide you in your execution technique.

10.- Functional movements

After a couple of months at Crossfit, you will feel that many everyday activities such as carrying the purchase or lifting a heavy box will be somewhat easier. That's because Crossfit focuses on functional movements like lifting, running short distances and carrying heavy objects.

Woman doing crossfit with kettlebells

Crossfit is a training that will help you in many aspects of your day to day and you will notice it inside and out.If you want to read more about these false myths, go here.

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