What you should know about hypopressive abdominals

If you are here reading us, it is surely because you want to get the best version of yourself. Each one with its objective, but one of the goals in which we usually agree is to have a flat stomach and, if it can be, the abdominals a little marked. Like everything, there are people who have more facility than others to get it. But girls, what are we going to do, this is a matter of constitutions. Some have more tendency to accumulate fat in the abdomen, others in the legs. So to get going!
First of all, not only have to eat well, but you have to do exercise with abdominal exercises. We all know the traditional abdominals, but ...

Have you heard about the hypopressive abdominals?

While with the traditional abdominals you can increase muscle mass, with the abdominals hypopressive reduces waist just as the abdomen is toned. In addition, they provide different benefits such as the consolidation of the pelvic floor; the prevention of urinary incontinence, improvement of the position and prevention of other functional pathologies.

How are they done?

The hypopressive abdominals are those that, in a certain position, are It contracts the muscular deep musculature by means of a technique that is used to being the apnea.

Below you can see different ways of exercising the abdominal hypopressives:

  • Plancha (plank) )

This is the best known position of all and has different variations. Stand upside down, holding your elbows (important to keep your back relaxed) and the tips of your toes while breathing deeply. It is advisable that the first times you do this exercise, start with repetitions of 30 seconds and, as you go, increase the endurance time.


  • Tailor

Sit down with the legs crossed, hands at the waist, back straight, as if a thread were pulling you from the crown, inspires and expires deeply. Holding 10 seconds between each movement.


  • Right

This exercise is the simple mode of the previous one. Stand up with your knees bent and your hands on your waist, and breathe deeply in and breathe for 10 seconds between each one.


Another way to achieve your goals without falling into the routine! Do you dare to try? I will be happy to receive any opinion or doubt you may have!

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