Tips to start a fitness lifestyle

When hearing that a person follows a lifestyle fitness, the images that usually come to mind are those of someone who goes to the gym every day. Have a strict diet, take supplementation Is it really like that?
A person with this lifestyle is not necessarily someone who is dedicated to bodybuilding, or a athlete professional. Neither has to work in the sports industry, or dress the latest with all brands and new trends in sportswear. It is simply someone who enjoys physical activity, presents healthy habits. And like all people, he also knows how to adapt to the circumstances and can enjoy a dinner in a restaurant as well as a race in the mountains.

 Fitness Life

Do you like this idea but do not know how to start the change?

Here are some tips that will guide you:

  1. Find the why: Determine the motivation or motivations that motivate you to want to adopt this lifestyle? Do you want to improve your health, see yourself better physically or perhaps compete in a sport?
  2. Define objectives: Mark what goals you pursue, both in the short and long term. Maybe your goal is to get to participate in a half marathon, but first you must run your first kilometer.
  3. Start with small changes: Only modifying some habits, such as climbing stairs, eat more fruit, moderate alcohol. Great health benefits are already achieved.
  4. Let advice: You may feel lost at first. Seek professional advice, and let yourself be guided to find what you really need and can like. It's no use copying your friend's diet or running because it's fashionable.
  5. Do not start all at once: Wanting to change from one day to the next is never a good option. Starting a strict diet, or overtraining, serves only to generate anxiety and promote the appearance of injuries.
  6. Surround yourself with similar people: Relate to people who pursue this lifestyle or they are already immersed in it, it makes it easier to maintain this behavior. In addition, doing an activity allows you to meet new people and expand the circle of friends.
  7. Pride in progress: As small as they are, always be satisfied with the progress that is achieved . Enjoy not only the physical achievements, but also the improvement in the mental well-being provided by physical activity, in addition to always having fun with everything you do.

 Fitness style

And above all, never settle! The basis of all fitness life is always to look for a better version of you. What are you waiting to start?

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