The importance of the Magnet to recover from a lesi’n

Magnetotherapy is a type of physical therapy whose effectiveness has been demonstrated for the treatment of injuries and musculo-skeletal diseases. This type of therapy is increasingly used in physiotherapy clinics. Every day there are more and more physiotherapists and rehabilitation centres, including the magnet between your treatments.

Why use the magnet to retrieve injuries?

Faced with the question of whether they are good or not the treatments of magnetic therapy for recovery from injuries, we should know that the reason why these treatments are so effective is because changes occur at a physiological level to help the improvement of the lesions.

The benefits of the magnetoterapie and their use in the field of physiotherapy have to do with the application of low-frequency magnetic fields. These magnetic fields produce significant changes at the biochemical level, and range between frequencies of 1 and 100 Hz.

For physiotherapists, this type of treatment with the devices of magnet and magnetic fields are easy to implement, in addition to highly beneficial and effective for the improvement of patient injuries.

In addition to all this, the magnet increases the level of collagen in the body. This increase of collagen promotes regeneration of both the bone tissue as the blood vessels. But in addition, at the level of the recovery and rehabilitation of injuries, treatment of magnet therapy are especially useful when it comes to improving those that are in muscle, tendon and fascial.

Benefits of magnetotherapy

  1. Helps improve inflammatory processes
  2. Regenerates the bone tissue
  3. Improving blood flow
  4. Active mitosis of the cells
  5. Improving the functions of metabolism

Effects of magnetotherapy

In addition to the multiple benefits of magnet therapy that we mentioned, but we must speak also of the effects produced on patients. These effects are:

  1. Vasodilator
  2. Analgesic
  3. Anti-inflammatory

Vasodilator effect

If there is an effect of magnet therapy that is proven this is the vasodilator effect. The increase of temperature increases the irrigation of the tissues and promotes the regeneration of those that are damaged. We can also ensure, that thanks to the vasodilator effect, it causes an increase of oxygen in the tissues.

Analgesic effect

The majority of patients who undergo this type of treatment, you have pain that persist. The analgesic effect and soothing of the magnet acts on the pain. One of the causes of its calming effect is due to its anti-inflammatory effect. Thanks to this, occurs a relaxation, thanks to which releases the excessive pressure of the muscles.

Due to its analgesic effect, soothing and calming, the magnet is also used in other type of treatments such as stress or insomnia.

Anti-inflammatory effect

The anti-inflammatory effect of the magnet is due to the low frequency and magnetic fields to the stimulation of blood circulation which produces.

The benefits of the magnetotherapy for the improvement of injuries are more notable, have you ever submitted to a session of magnetotherapy? What was? Tell us about your experience in the comments, and if you have not yet tried any, what are you waiting for?