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If there's a sport whose number of practitioners has grown in the past few years, this is the paddle. The ease with which you can learn to play is the key factor for more and more people decide to practice it regularly. Unlike other sports, the equipment needed to play is bit, with a good pair of the latest models running shoes, paddle tennis, some clothes and a shovel of good quality we will be ready to play a game.

What is the best clothing to play Paddle tennis?

The Paddle is a sport whose number of adherents has increased exponentially in recent years. Every time we see more and more clothing special for this sport in the stores of sport clothing.

The shoes, the clothes and the blades are the stars of your section. But, Which do you choose? What are the best running shoes? What's the best shovel? We have prepared a small guide to help you choose and look at the Paddle tennis court as a professional.

Clothing to Paddle

How should it be clothing to play Paddle tennis? The best clothing is the one that facilitates the movements and very breathable. In the case of men, the most common are the shorts with t-shirts or polo very breathable and allow good movement. in the case of women, dresses or polo with short skirt are the most used, always taking into account the two premises mentioned above: breathability and comfort.


The shovel is perhaps the most personal that we can choose within of the attire to play Paddle tennis. Some of the factors to keep in mind to choose a good shovel are the way of the shovel, the weight, the rubber core, or a fiber type.

In addition, the level of experience will also determine the choice of the shovel. For those who begin to play, it is best to choose blades that allow to return the ball without a problem. More advanced players can choose blades with which to squeeze to the maximum the technique already acquired.

Running shoes

If there is a part of the clothing to paddle espcially important, this is the choice of footwear. Therefore, we must distinguish between Paddle tennis, Tennis, sports indoor, sports outdoor, etc...

The running shoes for paddle tennis should be chosen according to the material with which it is built the track where you are going to play. Usually the clues to Paddle are made of astroturf. The running shoes need to be chosen according also to the type of movement that is performed at the play. In the case of the Paddle, you should give importance to the turns. Why do we give so much importance to the twists? In addition to play the game better, the theme of the spins is important, because a shoe with too much grip can provoke us to an injury in the ankle joints or knees.

A frequent error is to confuse the type of shoe that is used in different racket sports. Although the Paddle tennis and Tennis have certain similarities, there are also numerous differences. The type of shoe used in one and the other makes a big difference between the two sports.

The shoe should be appropriate for the type of movement performed in the sport which you are going to practice. In the case of Paddle and Tennis, the movements are different. Unlike Tennis, in Padel the movements require, for example, many twists. For this reason, the best shoe to Paddle is one that allows us a great slip and ease to rotate.

How do I know if the shoe is suitable for the twists? The type of drawing will be shallow. The example of the opposite would be the running shoes, whose drawings are very pronounced. The type of track (in the case of the Paddle is astroturf), mark the choice of the shoe.

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