Tell me what you do and I'll tell you your mood

Do we have healthy eating habits and exercise can influence our mood? The answer is YES!

See the changes that occur in our body to lead a healthier life makes us feel good about ourselves. It increases our self-esteem and with it, our motivation to continue with that lifestyle. All this, gives us a sense of self-realization that makes us be in a good mood all day.

The same goes for the exercise. When we play sports we secrete endorphins, hormones that are the cause of happiness. With what, after finishing training, we feel happier and happier. In addition, it is proven that exercise reduces the problems of anxiety and depression.

This feeling of happiness means that we have more desire and motivation to continue with good eating habits and the best thing is that once you start in a healthy lifestyle, you see how your physical vitality increases and with it the positive thoughts and your psychological well-being. Therefore, an emotionally stable person favors healthy habits and a feedback occurs: if you do sports and you eat well, your mood is positive and a positive mood encourages you to continue with that healthy lifestyle.

Seen like this it seems that everything is positive, but we must bear in mind that the habits we perform must be consistent with the objectives we have set and that these have to be realistic and achieve them in a healthy way, because if we do not do it this way, we can achieve the opposite effect: frustrations, negative feelings with food, poor motivation when playing sports and even being able to develop eating disorders.

 Nuria Díez Iguacel

Watch out for the miracle diet!

When we're hungry, or follow a low calorie diet, we are more irritable, our motivation is low and there are some states of anxiety that make it easier to fall into temptations that produce the so-called "rebound effect" and even to abandon the lifestyle we have set ourselves to follow .

Let's not forget that eating is a pleasure, it does not have to become an ordeal or an effort. Therefore, it is very important that if we do not know how to proceed when it comes to eating and/or training, it is better to consult a professional who can guide us.


So feed yourself well, play sports and be happy!

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