Sport and rest

Sport and relaxation are two words that should go together. Why is it so important to rest for an athlete? A good sportsman knows that the performance is closely related to a good night's rest. Sleep well, especially if it is in a good mattress is the first step to achieving a resting optimum and healing, preparing the body for the following day's workout.

The rest of the athlete begins by sleeping well

Why is it so important to dream? A good night's sleep ensures the athlete a good muscle recovery after workouts. A rested body will not only will yield more the next day, if not also that this will greatly reduce the risk of injury. Sleep helps us to recover from the fatigue, it is a way to recover energy and to prepare for the next day.

The best position for sleeping

Good posture is not just for the day. A good postural hygiene is vital for good athletic performance. Through it, we avoid inappropriate positions that can cause muscle aches, which affect the sports performance. Some back pain are associated with the form of sleep or the type of mattress. Many of them can be avoided by changing the posture while sleeping or renewing the pillow or the mattress. In Khama Mattresses you can see a selection of them.

How is better to sleep, side, face up or face down?

The best positions for sleeping are on your side or face up. Sleeping on your side prevents neck pain and back in general. In addition to this, when you sleep on your side you breathe so much better and decrease the snoring. In the case of lower back problems such as low back pain, the fetal position is adequate.

To sleep on your side, the pillow should be a little higher, to ensure the correct alignment of the cervical vertebrae and prevent pain in the cervical area. In addition, the mattress should be firm enough (like canapes), in order to not sink and keep the spine aligned.

Sleep is another option. In this case the pillow should be somewhat lower. Although sleeping in this position has an important against: promotes snoring and sleep apnoea.

To finish, the less advisable to sleep face down, because it produces a great deal of tension in the cervical area. This position favors the low back pain and cervical pain, so be careful. A small pillow under thickness beneath the pelvis can relieve the position lordótica that is adopted to sleep in this posture and avoid annoying lower back pains in the morning.

Sport and active rest

In addition to sleeping properly, there are other forms of rest, as rest asset. What is active rest? Active rest is a form of rest from the usual training, but still train. Instead of the usual routine, is replaced by another activity or routine more leisurely and less effort.

Some forms of active rest to recover from fatigue and rest, but do not stop to train, are the following. The low-intensity exercise, stretching, or activities like Yoga can be good options to rest without ceasing the activity.