Nataci’re in the open water

The arrival of good weather makes us want a lot more outdoor sports. One of these sports is Triathlon. Swimming, running and cycling make Triathlon a sport very complete. Some sites such as Trodotriatlón, offer the best material for this sport. But we are in summer and today we have focused on the swimming, and we have prepared a very special post with some tips for swimming in open water and thus perform the Triathlon perfect.

Tips for swimming in open water

Aim the following tips if you are going to swim in open water this summer. The use of a neoprene of quality, for example, it is important to swim in this type of water, even though we're in summer time.

Dress in neoprene

Despite the fact that many swimmers and triathletes prefer swimming to body discovered, it is best to use a wetsuit. The main function of the neoprene is to maintain the heat in the body, preventing hypothermia. Due to the hipotermias, choose the neoprene proper is important if you are going to practice swimming in open water. Another feature of a good neoprene is to promote flotation in case of emergency.

The neoprene without sleeves, it is a wise option for those athletes or athletes who have to endure the cold temperatures. In this way you get to swim in a more comfortable way. A short wetsuit or sleeveless is the best option to take care of the shoulders, as when you exert less resistance in each stroke when swimming, it avoids the accumulation of lactic acid in the muscles of the shoulders.

As a defog the glasses

When you swim in open water, the cold temperature of the water contrast with the interior, causing it to tarnish. One of the tricks to avoid it, it is spitting in the goggles before putting them on. In this way, we will prevent it from fogging. To clarify, to spit, to clean all the glass inside and go back to clarify before putting them on quickly.

Do not enter suddenly into the water

It is always advisable to get wet a little before entering the water, this prevents the breathing is cut when in contact with water for printing. The wetsuits oppress, in part, the movement of the diaphragm and therefore breathing. Some exercises of breath control can be useful to learn how to control the movements of the diaphragm.

Breathing is important

Linking with the previous point, to synchronize the breathing with the strokes when swimming is part of the technique. Breathing bilaterally (on both sides), it is important. The swum must change the side of the breath every x strokes. The number of strokes must always be odd (three, five, or seven).

Best accompanied

The outdoor sports will always have more risk than those that are developed in the interior or on campus expertise. To go out to swim in open water it is best to always be accompanied.

And you, have You swum any time in open water? What was? We look forward to your comments, and if you haven't tried it, maybe this summer would be the time to get started with this exciting sport.