Harden and tone your arms!

Do not make excuses, tone your arms!

Arms is one of the areas that cost more to tone up and make them look pretty.
Almost always when we start training, maybe we start with prioritize areas such as abs or legs.

Although it may seem a difficult task and sometimes it may seem impossible, do not get frustrated! We know that with these 3 exercises presented by Noemí Martínez it will be much easier.

So that the arms are even more toned you will use in the dumbbell exercises. In addition, the use of dumbbells will bring you a series of benefits that we list below:

  • Using this type of instrument allows you to perform a variety of exercises making your routine more versatile.
  • They also allow you to have greater freedom in the natural movements of the body. At the time of carrying out the exercise, without forcing the postures.
  • It will allow you to have a greater intensity in the exercises.
  • They help to have a better balance between the parts of the body. .

We leave a short description to make it easier for you to do the exercises, as well as the table corresponding to the video.

  1. The first exercise that you will find in this routine, is the opening of arms with dumbbells, of which you must do 20 repetitions.
  2. In the second exercise you will have to do 25 repetitions of curl arms .
  3. The third and final exercise to complete the routine is the triceps kick with dumbbell . You must perform 20 repetitions with each arm.

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