Exercise circuit for toning abs

In this video Noemí Martínez teaches you how to get a heart attack abs!

With this circuit you can harden and tone your abs, with only 8 exercises. Noemí's proposal will give you versatility and variety in your abs routine. You will see that these are not the typical exercises. On the other hand, it will add a degree of difficulty to your training.

Having a toned belly will help you absorb the impact of your weight and thus increase the benefits of each training you do.

Here are some of the benefits of exercising your abs:

  • First of all, it will improve your breathing: by exercising you will be able to expel all the air from your lungs. Avoiding that in them, the air remains impoverished giving rise to clean air.
  • It helps the balance of the organism: this refers to the fact that the lumbar musculature is usually more developed than the abdominal. Therefore, developing the front will help you achieve physical balance. The absence of abdominal strength leads to scoliosis, lordosis and others.
  • The abdominals protect our internal organs, as they act as a shield and structure.

We leave you a short description of this circuit, in addition to the table corresponding to the video.

  1. The first exercise you must do genie abs , 40 repetitions.
  2. In the second exercise you will do 30 repetitions aegle abs , in the end you will hold 15 seconds.
  3. Continue with the > runaway abs , about 50 repetitions.
  4. In exercise number four you should do star abs , 25 repetitions.
  5. For number five you must continue with clock abs , 12 clockwise and 12 counterclockwise.
  6. Exercise six, play Hollow rock , 15 reps. li>
  7. At number eight you will do single leg drop , 25 repetitions alternating as legs.
  8. In the last eathquake exercise, hold on as much as you can!

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