Do I need to take supplements?

The topic of supplementation has always been and will continue to be a matter of considerable controversy. We are used to receiving advertising type: "thousands of people have already taken it and have had amazing results", "miraculous to burn fat", "scientifically proven", "recently discovered this natural component never before used", "you will get rid of those kilos you hate so much ... ... Blah blah ... when I hear this I really think that they are just milongas and I hope that after this article I have convinced you too so you do not get fooled.

Beware of the ads

Most of these brands coincide in their ads say that:

  • It's a natural product : so they appeal to your feelings of not guilt because you're taking something that makes you think it's healthy, it's found in nature, you can believe it.
  • It's a new discovery : this is your real chance because never before could anyone have obtained such benefits.
  • Promise great results in poc or time : it is basically the desire of all mortal.
  • But above all where the client usually win is when they say that they will not need to make an effort to get the results they promise .

Now, yes, everything seems perfect and we decided to buy. Now let's reconsider a bit about it.

  • Natural is a diet based on fresh foods, without preservatives or colorings , which you find in the market so you can buy and cook them in a tasty and healthy way at home.
  • I can not say that everything has already been invented, but the way they sell us a star product and the solution to our problems it is the least suspicious, it smells like possible fraud. We know that the diets that are based on only one product are not good, nor those that completely prohibit a food group. We are clear that the best option is always to opt for a varied and balanced diet that is composed of all the food groups in the appropriate portions.
  • No fitness model is known That has that appearance overnight. All have a long history of constant effort and work on your physique . I put this example because those that appear in the ads remind us of a fitness model and make us think in some way that we can look after taking its magical, natural and revolutionary product.
  • Absolutely nothing in this life it comes without putting effort . It's something that we all know deep down, but advertisements appeal to our desires to make us fall into their trap.

Certain marketing techniques can confuse us and make us think what brands suit them. . These industries move a lot of money thanks to the hope that people place in their products. to obtain once and for all the results that they have always wanted but that it seems that they have not known how to work to obtain them. They use the despair of the people, their ignorance on the subject and their desire to improve.

I have a formula that I promise you will never fail whatever your situation may be. It will not cost you extra money but determination, effort and perseverance on your part:


What happens to the time of the truth, is that this formula that I just explained to you, requires that you be the one to work to obtain the results. Most supplement companies survive because they offer a product that is supposed to do that for you and that's when you decide to pay in return.

I want to differentiate these star supplements from the food supplements they use > professional athletes elite. They are different situations that I hope we do not confuse.They are monitored very closely by their personal trainers and nutritionists to analyze what deficits they have to cover them with the supplements and prevent them from negatively influencing their sports performance.

For the rest of mortals, I assure you that we do not need to waste money on supplements to be healthy.
If you think you are taking your physical level to the next level, please always consult a professional so that you can evaluate your case and your possible needs. p>

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