Benefits and risks of the electrostimulation suit

In the last year the use of the electrostimulation suit in gymnasiums and training rooms has become popular. This fact is due, in large part, to the fact that some celebrities have appeared on television using it and talking about it. And, on the other hand, the impact and the marketing and advertising work that has been done.

But, what is the electrostimulation training?

girl and boy electrostimulation vest

The global electrostimulation training consists of donning a neoprene suit full of electrodes that send discharges to the muscles while doing exercises.

As we have said before, the use of this suit is growing exponentially in recent months as, little by little, more centers are appearing exclusively dedicated to This type of training and, therefore, the number of users also increases.

The reason for this growth is that companies and companies that use it sell us great benefits and results in a very long period of time. short and with little effort, approximately are about 20 minutes from enamiento spread over 2 days per week and its price ranges between € 40-70 per session.

Are the benefits offered really true? Are they contrasted by scientific studies or are they suppositions?

As always, it is important that before any new appearance of training practices, theories, materials, methods ... let's analyze face B and find out if everything really ensure that we can achieve is real and, above all, at what price for our health, since we are not warned of possible adverse effects.

In this video we explain what science says and what there is to Certain (and above all, what is not proven) regarding the use of the electrostimulation suit and what are the health recommendations regarding its use.

Draw your own conclusions:

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