5 tips to make your body look más toned

With the start of the summer and operation bikini comes to an end. It is time to show off hot body in swimming pools and beaches. Today I leave you some tips or tips to make your body look more toned and better than ever.

5 tips to make your body look toned this summer

1. Exercise your body

Reserve the first tip for something that we do throughout the year. Stay active all year, it is important to maintain a good health. The cardio workouts combined with toning exercises are the combo ideal for having a perfect body. The challenges of 30 days, or the exercises express can save you the operation bikini this year, but the ideal is to stay in shape in the winter, too.

We recommend exercises for leg and buttock such as the squat or the serial side of the Pilates method. To avoid the "bat wings", you may want to do exercises for triceps with a kettlebell or dumbbells.

2. Take care of your skin

The state of the skin is key if you want your body to look perfect in the pool, on the beach or on the street this summer. No use to spend the year going to the gym if when the summer comes we look like a dehydrated skin, lack of exfoliation, or removing properly. All the work of the year in the gym or the toning exercises and cardio will not have served to anything.

  • It moisturizes the skin. In addition to sunscreens for the outdoor activities, we must also "feed" our skin with moisturizers and nourishing for the night.
  • Exfoliates the skin. The dead cells of the skin must be removed in order for this to look perfect.
  • A good waxing. After you moisturize and exfoliate, our skin will be ready to remove hair and look better than ever. We can perform hair removal at home with professional results with these machines for hair removal and get to show off a perfect skin.

3. It tones your abdomen and reduces the waist

The method of the hypopressive abdominal gymnastics has shown that it can reduce inches from waist easily. This type of exercise works and tones the abdominal area to the full. An abdomen that is toned and without belly is one of the bases for our body to look more toned than ever.

4. Drink water

In other words, keep the body hydrated. The cells need hydration. Drinking water is another way to hydrate the skin from within. If you do not like drinking water, you can try with cold infusions. Some of them have great properties, antioxidant, or diuretic, and will help you eliminate fluids, like green tea, and horsetail.

5. Eat healthy

The last point of our 5 tips for our body to look toned, and not least important, is eating healthy. A healthy diet is one of the main pillars to lose weight and be healthy.

No need to carry a restrictive diet or go hungry. Many times it is enough to slightly modify the eating habits. Avoid processed foods and ultraprocesados, refined sugars as much as possible and saturated fats.