5 Reasons to make skating fitness

One of the favorite sports of the summer and the good weather in general is the skating. Skates fitness are the favorites of the fans and not so fans of the roller.

Where comencar? If you want to go ice-skating or roller, the first thing you need to do before you start skating is to buy skates that fit the style that you go to practice, fitness, agressive, freestyle, speed, off-road, artistic... From among all the styles, the type of skates more "normal", so to speak, is the fitness, which we use more for the skating beginners and for leisure or transportation by city.

Why do skating fitness? 5 reasons that will make you love this sport

If you still have doubts about whether to go out to skate with your skates fitness or not, you're going to give you five reasons that will make you pick up the skates right now and go out and shoot a little.

1. Because it is a sport which improves our cardiovascular health

Skating fitness is a sports, cardiovascular, and as this type of sport has great benefits. Among the advantages of the sports cardiovascular, we highlight the improvement of the oxygenation of the blood, the improvement of the cardiovascular system, increasing the cardiopulmonary capacity, and decrease problems related to stress and anxiety.

In addition, as a good sport cardiovascular, skating is going to help us lose those extra pounds of more.

2. Because it is less aggressive for the joints than other sports

Unlike other sports cardiovascular in outside as for example running, skating does not imply impact on the joints, so that it is a sport ideal for practicing with the children. In addition to this, it is also more healthy than other sports although they may not have the same impact on joints than running.

In the case of cycling, if we compare the bike with the skates, it is still better for skating, and the reason is that skating does not produce shortening of the hamstrings.

3. Because it is an activity that we can do in the company

If you are one of those people who don't like to go out to do sport if it is not in good company, you're in luck. A nice walk with skates can be a good opportunity to perform in the company. If you have a dog, skating is also a sport to do in the company canine.

4. Because it improves coordination and balance

The action of skating requires large doses of coordination and balance. The ride on skates is a good time to create new neural connections developing the skills of coordination and balance.

5. Because it is one of the best sports for strengthening and shaping the legs and glutes

And because skating we can eliminate the annoying cellulite. Skating requires a great effort of the muscles of the legs and buttocks, and is one of the best sports for strengthening the legs and firming the buttocks. If you want to "raise ass", the skating is your sport. As we have already said in one of the above points, in addition to being one of the best sports for strengthening the muscles of the legs, it is also a sport without impact, so take care of the joints.

Are you still here? You don't feel like going out to skate a little bit?


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