10 fitness girls that you can not stop following on Instagram

Ready to become the best version of yourself? Fitness Girls!

The countdown begins to say goodbye to 2016 and with it, the abundant Christmas meals and the eternal tablecloths arrive. The nougat, chocolates and polvorones the kings par excellence. But do not be overwhelmed! It is never too late to start eating a healthy and balanced diet. Accompanied by a little exercise will allow you to give yourself some whims. If you do not know where to start and you need a little push to get started in the world of fitness.

Here we leave you the Top 10 fitness girls that you can not stop following on Instagram.

Thanks to their methods and advice, you can get everything you want!


@Amaya_fitness: Amaya is known for being the personal trainer and the nutritional coaching of several public personalities. Among them, Rosa López or Tamara Gorro and her husband, Ezequiel Garay. Through its "EnForma" movement, it pretends that the habits necessary to lead a healthy life fit in a natural way with your usual routines. Its formula is based on 80% food, 15% training and 5% rest. On its website, it proposes three types of plannings, depending on what each person needs: FOOD Plan, TRAINNING Plan or the ENFORMA Complete Plan, the sum of the previous two.


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@Lorenaonfit: Lorena Martínez Pintiado admits to having lost sense in some occasion. Thanks to fitness she began to feel good about herself and increased her self-esteem. That is why it has now become his way of life and his profession and wants to help all those who are in a situation similar to that of their beginnings. Through her blog she encourages you to contact her and promises to design the nutritional plan that best suits your needs. Of course, whoever is not a traitor and Lorena warns of the importance of a balanced diet with a varied training that helps you build muscle, tone and shape your body beautifully. For Lorena, the key to success is effort and perseverance.

If someone He has been able to do it, You can do it. And if nobody did, You can be the first #nolimits ________ One of the photos with my partner @rvbengarcia in the shooting with all my beloved team of athletes from @weiderspain ⚡️ #teamWEIDER: @jhowferso_photo

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@Calixfitness: In the same vein as the previous two, the personal trainer Silvia Càlix, is committed to changing habits as the path to success. Good training and better nutrition will help you discover the best version of yourself. Silvia offers face-to-face or online advice, adapting to your routines and schedules. If you enter your personal blog you will also find some guidelines and tips to address different topics such as, for example, abdominal swelling or how to get strong legs and buttocks.

One of the first questions you should answer in the questionnaires, before starting the personalized online training program, is if you are going to train at home or in the gym # Is it effective to train at home? Of course!!Good morning from Friday! # discovertothejorversion #fitbodies #fitness #healthylifestyle #ootd #athomeworkout #instafit #fitfam #strongbodies

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@Fit_happy_sisters: Ari and Sara are two sisters who have revolutionized the world of social networks thanks to their recipes. For this reason, they have wanted to capture all their ideas in a book called "Do not diet anymore", in which they detail a healthy kitchen thanks to which you will lose those extra quilitos without fear of suffering the rebound effect. In addition to your cookbook, recommend doing at least 30 minutes of exercise a day. As they themselves say "in addition to controlling weight better, it's good for your health. We do not defend only a healthy diet, we defend a healthy lifestyle together. "

What a pint this chocolate cake has from our Argentine friend Flor from @thehealthyblogger Tell me you would not take a piece of these right now !!! Also this recipe is VEGANA! Perfect for our #lunessincarne If you want to see the full recipe and other equally spectacular, do not miss your profile. It's really good @ thehealthyblogger #lobuenosecomparte

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@Vikikacosta: This is how Verónica Costa is known in social networks. She is an athlete and personal trainer, as well as a born entrepreneur. His beginnings go back to the creation of his own personal blog with the help of his sentimental partner, Jesus (@rachinguer). Within a few months, FitFoodMarket became a benchmark in Spain. In addition to being the first fitness recipes blog in Spain and the first online personal counseling platform.

Shooting for the new @reebokes campaign with the name of #perfectnever. It's my favorite motto and it means a lot to me to be part of this campaign.

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And internationally:

@Michelle_lewin: Currently, Michelle Lewin is the fitness diva par excellence and the female reference worldwide. In her case, it was her husband who introduced her into this wide world. He started toning the lower part of his body until he realized that this was not good training. He changed it for a complete one. The Venezuelan has conquered the entire world after showing its incredible transformation. Its secret: a change of eating habits (small meals between meals) and an arduous exercise.


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@Kayla_itsines: She is the founder of Bikini Body Guide, her bible, better known as "BBG". She is the new guru of healthy life and there are already many who publish "before and after" in their networks. To show your change thanks to your exercises. What the Australian proposes are two circuits per day, three days a week and some mild cardio exercise. You have to make two circuits in a total of half an hour (7 minutes per circuit, repeating the cycle twice). And the soft cardio that can be walking or riding a bike. The theory is simple but its exercises require a lot of intensity in a short time.And soft cardio helps the so-called "active rest", which, you do not stop burning. The Australian has even a mobile application called Sweat with Kayla.

Look - I do not want to jinx anything ... but the weather in MELBOURNE IS LOOKING PRETTYYYYY GOOD ON THURSDAY #bootcamp #letsdothis www.kaylaitsines.com/app

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@Anllela_sagra: The young Colombian Anllela Sagra never thought that she would be in third place in a fitness contest. It did not even occur to him to choose to be the first Colombian Fitness Model. But like all the protagonists of this article, he changed his life when he met the coach who started him in fitness. She was a model and had little muscle mass but when she learned about this world, she decided to combine both professions. Now, Anllela wants to show the way to all those who need to believe in themselves.

Late night snack !! My @ 1upnutrition cinnamon protein + Daily cleanse (to avoid a bloated stomach) it gets me so happyyyy !! ❤️❤️ - My snack at night !!! # 1upnutrition + Daily cleanse protein (to avoid my inflamed stomach) It makes me so happyzzzz !! ❤️❤️ - #TransformationProgram anllelasagra.net -

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@Deniceemoberg: Another of our favorite fitness girls is Denice Moberg, another young blogger ( with only 22 years and has 362,000 followers in Instagram, social network in which it is super active). Denice is dedicated to health, nutrition and fitness. In his space he writes a diary where he expresses how he feels. And what's new in his life, in relation to his profession. You can contact her through her blog to advise you with personalized diets and training.

Do not be upset with people or situations, they are both powerless without your reaction ✌️The blog is updated for those who missed @deniceemoberg "A complete abs & cardio session" and "Eating disorders"

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@Nikkiblackketer: Finally, we recommend Nikki Blackketter. She is a model, fitness guru and well-known as "youtuber". On his personal page we can find different trainings (the 4 weeks, the 6, those we can do at home or a guide to the world of fitness). On your Youtube channel we can see her training in the gym.

Plum. #okthatsapeach #butcloseenough #coloroftheseason #thatnewnew #flexlegging: @lakescreates

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I'm sure that through the networks you will find many other fitness girls. This is only our small selection but we hope it serves you. At least to get into this great art and not feel lost.

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